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“When I look back, I can picture the old gels chinwagging on their steps in the Bay like it was yesterday. Little did they know that young Sid, passing by with his arse out of his trousers, would one day publish his memoirs!

Ordinary people do not write their stories; some like ninety-four-year-old Sidney Day, cannot write at all. But, with the aid of his granddaughter Helen, Sid has produced an extraordinary portrait of London during the turbulent first half of the twentieth century.

Sidney evokes a vanished world of horse and cart journeys; public baths and washpots; bread and dripping around the range; parading down Highgate Hill in a fifty bob suit; and recalls the 'fiddling' that sometimes put him and his friends on the wrong side of the law. Sid's tale of hardship brims with cheeky charm and wit; he tells of a life lived at full tilt, with real heart.