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Hear Sid talk


Sid is a born storyteller. The following audio clips are short extracts (approximately two minutes each) from the interviews that Helen carried out with him.
All audio files © Helen Day

There are two different file formats from which to choose, .wma and .mp3. The latter format is smaller in file size, faster to download and plays on most media players.



'You weren't a boy unless yer arse was hanging out of yer trousers.'    mp3    wma

'If you didn't do bits and pieces of work when you was a kid, you got nothing.'   mp3   wma


'Me mum was the pawn shop runner for the whole street.'   mp3    wma


'On a Sunday morning everybody took a bird to the pub in a little cage.'   mp3    wma


'For a lark, we would ride the Express Dairies' horses round their field at Kenwood.'   mp3    wma


'Me dad came home filthy, straight from the trenches.'   mp3    wma


'We wore wide trousers in a plum colour with winkle picker shoes.'   mp3    wma


'When I got the draft, it was a toss up whether I deserted or went.'   mp3    wma



'Ginger and me broke into the cookhouse at the army training camp near Stonehenge.'   mp3    wma


'I know one bloke shot his trigger finger off to try and get his ticket out of the Army.'   mp3    wma


Sid singing 'My Italian Maid'.  mp3    wma